I HAVE RETIRED – a life-long career has come to an end!

Dear friends,

I have been a dentist for over 40 years – almost 30 years in Marbella, Spain.

Over the years I have built a dental practice with a substantial loyal clientele  based upon quality, honesty and fair prices. I have been a family dentist looking after all aspects of my patients oral health and comfort, and I have also been specialising in aesthetic restorative dentistry on teeth and implants, as many of you will know.

It was my intension to retire when turning 70 next year, but the sudden appearance of Covic-19 and the brutal  shut-down of all clinic activities with no income or financial compensation for two and a half month plus the uncertain aftermath after re-opening has been a wake-up call. It could very well take years to recover from the losses and quite frankly, I don’t have the time and energy anymore.

My profession is “high-risk”. We are close to people’s mouths and our treatments all produce aerosol to a certain degree, and given my senior age and medical condition, I have to consider myself vulnerable if infected by Covid-19.

All our family members are living in Denmark:  children, grandchildren, siblings and parents, and with international travel restrictions and complications, we can only guess how little we are going to see each other over the next years.

Taking everything into consideration, I have decided to retire one year ahead of the original plan, which means NOW.

It has been part of our retirement plan to return to Denmark to be nearer to our family, and we have prepared for that also. We will leave Spain at the end of August and drive back with our 2 dogs to live in Aabenraa, where I lived until I was 18, a charming town by the sea-side surrounded by forests and with good facilities for shopping and health care.

Because the change of plans have come up so fast, it has not been possible to find a successor to take over my position as head of the dental department or sell my clinic to another dentist at this moment. However, I am working on the project and I remain a partner in Marbella Medical and Dental for the time being, and my colleague Dr. Sabi Visky keep working there as usual.

To comply with the data protection regulations I am keeping all digital dental records which contain the essential information, and if you need information about previous treatments, implant components or any other details, please send me a request on the contact sheet on this page, and I will send you a link to the relevant files, so you can access the information on my server and download what you need.

I am forever grateful for the trust and loyalty I have received – I shall miss you dearly. My work has been much more than just a job, and I am sure it is going to take me some time to get to terms with the fact, that I shall no longer be using my knowledge, experience and skills in dentistry, and my social life will no longer an integrated part of my work life.

I will also take this opportunity to thank my beloved wife Annette. She has been by my side through thick and thin for all the years, and without her my achievements and success as a dentist would never have reached the same level. She has set aside her own needs and comfort for the well-being of you as patients and me as a dentist, and she deserves her retirement more than any.

Thank you for the time we shared – don’t leave your teeth unattended – find another dentist you like and maintain the regular check-ups, and do your very best to stay safe and healthy.

Carl Rosenvold

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