Dr. Carl Rosenvold

167489_100527916690345_3577353_nAllow me to introduce myself. I am a danish citizen, born and raised in Aabenraa, a town in the south of Jutland, close to the border to Germany. After high school, I moved to Aarhus where I attended business studies for 3 years at Aarhus Business School. I realised that my interest and future was not that of a business executive, and I changed academic career and graduated as a Doctor of Dentistry in 1979 from the University of Aarhus/Denmark (Royal Dental College). After practicing for 12 years as a clinic owner in a partnership and later alone in Aarhus/Denmark, I felt time was mature for new challenges, and I moved to Marbella/Spain with my family where I co-founded a Company called “Dental Quality” together with 3 local and 4 foreign dentists, and we opened 3 dental clinics: in Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona, but already in 1993 our paths’ separated, and I started my own private practice in Nueva Andalucia. It was my goal to bring with me the high standards of Scandinavian dentistry, technically as well as ethically, and I have never deviated from that goal. Actually, I am a perfectionist with my work.

My wife Annette is from Aarhus/Denmark. She gave up a career as an account manager and retrained as a dental nurse to become my chair-side assistant, and we have been working together for almost 30 years. She knows the workflow into the smallest detail and she knows all the patients like I do. We have a daughter who lives and works in Copenhagen.

In our spare time, we enjoy quality time our 2 west highland white terriers and we often go hiking in the mountains and I am an avid photographer.

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